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Awards!... Yes! Awards!

Duck This!!:
2009 NSS (Kerrville) Convention Cave Ballad Contest

Caves of my Young Days: Best Song in Contest
King of Cavers: Blue Ribbon

2007 NSS (Marengo) Convention Cave Ballad Contest

Momma Don't Allow: Best Song in Contest
Click Goes the Gear (by Doug Bradford): Blue Ribbon

2006 NSS (Bellingham) Convention Cave Ballad Contest

Only a Packrat: Best Song in Contest
Kentucky Chicken Man Caver: Blue Ribbon

Karst Fever:
2005 NSS Convention Cave Ballad Contest

Bangin' Bill: Best Song in Contest
Cavers to the Core : Blue Ribbon
This Old Caving Helmet of Mine: Blue Ribbon

In Too Deep:
2004 NSS Convention Cave Ballad Contest
Mole in a Hole: Best Song in Contest
The Caver's Complaint: Blue Ribbon
A Cavers Question: Blue Ribbon

Glowing Reviews!... all unsolicited!

Duck This!!

“Man, I love the new CD! Nancy and I are big, big fans................. “
Trevor Moelaert, British Columbia, Canada

“I have reviewed the previous two CD's produced by this fabulous group of caving musicians (Karst Fever and In Too Deep), and Duck This!! – their third compilation – is just as good as the others. The main writer sure is a marvel at capturing the world-wide spirit of caving and seeing through the various disagreements and foibles of cavers everywhere. Congratulations to the group on another great CD!!”
Ross Ellis, Sydney Speleological Society, Australia

“So you want to listen to this talented bunch for real, in awesome recording quality? You won’t be sorry, so think long and hard before not buying “Duck This!!”.
Chris Howes, Editor, Descent magazine, Issue 211

Karst Fever

"If I thought I enjoyed "In Too Deep", the superlatives fail me for "Karst Fever" ...........Buyme!!"
Chris Howes, CD review in issue 185 of "Descent" magazine.

"Bejayzus mate, what a f**kin' scorcher! .........Reckon you'll be beating 'em off with a sh**ty stick over this one! " Alan Kelly, North Wales,after hearing Karst Fever for the first time.

"This CD(Karst Fever) is a great addition to the very sparse amount of recorded caving music and song. I hope it gets the recognition it justly deserves .....and that Dangerous Dick keeps on ducking under and pushing out more great caving songs." -
Ross Ellis, Sydney Speleological Society, Australia.

"What a great album! ..... another brilliant set of lyrics, set to a variety of harmonious melodies and stylistic musical rhythms identifying the manic, yet thoughtful, moods and thoughts which afflict those of us who suffer from "Karst Fever". Dangerous Dick has happily hooked me into another year of accounting for it, bless him!"
Jacquie Burden, Victoria (Canadian Cave Conservancy)

"Bloody 'ell!! Oooh, me head!! I can't remember ...........did we record another CD last night?!? Must 'ave bin a good 'un if so!!"
Dangerous Dick

In Too Deep!

"And I had to put this thing to the test, really the test, because driving back from Succor Creek in April, my mother-in-law's van's CD player ate my Dangerous Dick album and it would play it but not spit it out! The cassette player didn't work, the radio stations I could get were trash, so all I had for twelve solid hours of driving was Dangerous Dick and Co.!! I listened to it ad infinitum, I worked out every conceivable harmony along my entire range, I pretended I was all the instruments, those songs wore little tracks in my brain. And I still like the thing. When I had to give the van back to the older generation I went into withdrawal."
Hester Mallonee, Washington State

..."Unlike some 'fringe' recordings that you listen to once, then file under 'transient novelty', In Too Deep is a complete toe-tapping success, which contains an eclectic mix of ballads and blues. You'll want to play these incipient classics over again to chuckle anew at the humour that only cavers can evince. I loved it!'"..
review by Chris Howes, Descent 178, June 2004

"The CD is absolutely BRILLIANT! I don't think I've ever laughed so much as I did the first time I listened to it, and I've played it over and over again since. The songs are all classics, and I'm impressed both by the obvious talent of the musicians and by the quality of the recording. I reckon it's going to be my favourite souvenir of Canada!"
Stephen Phipps, Australia

"I was just up at the Kamloops meeting and got a copy of In Too Deep. "Brilliant" hardly does it justice! I see a huge demand looming!!"
Scott McNab, British Columbia, Canada

"The arm was twisted, and I did buy a copy of the Duckbusters CD at our pub night last month. I finally got round to listening to it last night - it was great!"
Ian McKenzie, Alberta, Canada

"I am moved to tell you that the more I listen to Dangerous Dick, the more I love it!"
Alex Sproul, Virginia, USA

"I've just played "In Too Deep" - I love it!!! ... I like Fingal's Cave in particular, ... The final "Bottom of the Hole" is great - couldn't keep my feet still!"
Rose Marie Amott, British Columbia, Canada (non-caver, and 70 years young!)

"I recently attended the BCSF AGM and picked up a copy of your CD - great fun, the kids are humming...."
Kevin Stanway, British Columbia, Canada

"Almost all of the songs have catchy and witty lyrics which are sure to appeal to anyone who "understands" caving."
Brett Wakeman, Mt Waverley, Australia