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The Duckbuster's Debut CD - In Too Deep

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Play List

On The Surface Once Again - (tune traditional - lyrics by Adrian Duncan) 3:24
a celebration of the way we feel at the end of a long, tough trip
Mole in a Hole - (Adrian Duncan) 2:52
a view of caving from the perspective of an underground virtuoso!!!
It All Sounds Like Bullshit to Me - (Adrian Duncan) 4:10
what, cavers indulge in the telling of tall tales??? Never!!!
The Cop-out Calypso - (Adrian Duncan/Peter Curtis) 3:05
need an excuse to stay topside?? This'll do ya!!!
Talkin' Cavin' Blues - (Adrian Duncan) 5:35
a motley crew on an ill-conceived caving trip with an explosive ending!!
The Caver's Complaint - (Adrian Duncan) 4:16
therapy for those caving trips when nothing seems to go right...................
Creepy Crawlways - (Adam LaRusic/Adrian Duncan) 4:23
think you've seen some scary caving?!? You ain't seen nuthin' yet!!!
A Caver's Question - (Adrian Duncan) 4:49
how to explain caving to someone who just can't understand?!?
Resonance/Fingal's Cave - (Adrian Duncan/traditional) 3:20
musical reflections of our first performance together in Resonance Cave
The Dying Caver - (tune traditional - lyrics by Adrian Duncan) 3:02
giving the phreatic phinger to the Grim Reaper!
Bottom of the Hole, Startin' Up Again Blues - (Adrian Duncan/Adam LaRusic) 3:34
the problems that we cavers create for ourselves..............
One More Pitch, but She's a Bitch! - (tune traditional - lyrics by Adrian Duncan) 2:35
when the final pitch really seems to be a pitch too far.................

Want to Sing Along? Here is a PDF version of lyrics of all songs on In Too Deep!