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The Duckbuster's Resounding Sequel! - Karst Fever

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Play List

Cavers to the Core / Horne Lake Hornpipe (4:28)
- a reminder from the band that music isn't everything - we're serious cavers too!
Bangin' Bill (3:26)
- a musical tribute to that controversial figure - the micro-blaster! Cave softly
The Caver's Prayer* (3:39)
- you don't have to be religious to endorse this one!! What every caver really wants
The Ballad of Dangerous Dick** (4:00)
- at last! Some "real" information about Dangerous Dick and his crazy crew!
The Codgers Caving Club (3:46)
- what do cavers do when they get old?!? Find out right here!!
The Cavernous Crawl (4:32)
- one way of passing the dog-days of winter when the streamways and the caver's thirst both run high together!
A "Shaw" Thing (3:30)
- a tribute to our mate Pat Shaw, man of many talents! It's all true, folks - would we lie to you?!?
Karst Fever (4:21)
- the album title track, and a grim warning about the dread disease to which all cavers are highly susceptible. Dangerous Dick knows the cure!!
The Parys Mountain Mine / Knocker's Reel (5:55)
- a tribute to Dick's mine-exploring mates in the Parys Underground Group in Anglesey, North Wales.
Don'cha Meddle with The Mole! (3:32)

- advice for the "call me when it goes" crowd who hate digging!
This Old Caving Helmet of Mine (5:57)
- even hardened cavers wax sentimental on occasion
Frozen at the Top of the Drop (3:39)
- every rookie caver's worst nightmare!
The Caver's Alphabet (2:20)
- forget the text-books! Here's caving from A to Z in one supremely silly song!!
Time ta Quit Cavin' when the Lights go Out (3:32)
- some very sound (and quite loud!) advice from the band on the subject of caving safely!!
Cavers to the Core (reprise) / The Winds of Weymer (7:52)
- thanks for listening, and a promise from the band.. we leave you with a serious musical tribute to one of our favourite caving areas.

All selections written by Adrian C. Duncan except * traditional, new lyrics by Adrian C. Duncan and ** written by Adam La Rusic and Adrian C. Duncan.

Want to Sing Along? Here is a PDF version of lyrics of all songs on Karst Fever!