Caving Canada
Training Opportunities 2017
Alberta/BC Cave Rescue Service
Companion Cave Rescue Workshop - Two Offerings        1) May 12 - 13, 2017 Canmore, Alberta 2) May 27 - 28, 2017 Horne Lake Caves, Vancouver Island, BC
The 20-hour companion cave rescue workshop, organized by Alberta/British Columbia Cave Rescue  and Island Pacific Adventures Ltd, is designed to give you skills for small group self-rescue in caving.  The workshop is intended for anyone who takes people caving, either recreationally or as a paid guide, and for anyone who gets taken caving and who wants to contribute to their group’s safety.  It is open to novices and experienced cavers alike.  Material covered in the workshop includes: • Evaluation of common cave hazards and risks • Trip planning and equipment considerations • Rigging for self-rescue, including anchors, pulley systems, and counterweight raises • Vertical pickoff techniques for unconscious casualties on rope • Improvised in-cave hypothermia shelters • Improvised casualty transport techniques The workshop is designed around small group, hands-on practice of skills and scenario-based learning.  All facilitators have considerable cave rescue and/or SAR experience, and several hold EMBC Rope Rescue Instructor, Team Leader, or Search Manager certifications.  Certificates of completion are issued, but skill proficiency is not certified; the workshop emphasizes effective learning over formal evaluation.
Horne Lake Course Offering
Canmore Course Offering
Cave Rescue Responder’s Workshop - Two Offerings        1) June 17 - 18, 2017 Canmore, Alberta 2) June 24 - 25, 2017 Fernie, BC
Fernie Course Offering
Canmore Course Offering
If a large-scale cave rescue effort were needed, could you help? Cave rescues happen rarely, but when they do, they require large numbers of trained volunteers. As a provincially recognized specialist SAR team, Alberta/British Columbia Cave Rescue organizes and trains those volunteers through its annual Cave Rescue Responder’s workshops and biannual cave rescue seminars. If you want to join cave rescue in Western Canada, or be able to help in the event of a major rescue call-out, this 20-hour workshop is for you. It is intended for experienced cavers or SAR personnel with rope rescue training; novice cavers with strong vertical skills are also welcome. The workshop is an introduction to the key disciplines of cave rescue: • Rescue organization and management  • Procedures for responding to call-out • Vertical and horizontal stretcher transport • Surface and in-cave communications • Patient sheltering and packaging for transport • Cave search and initial response techniques Certificates of completion are issued, but skill proficiency is not certified because no time is available for formal evaluation in the tight schedule.