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Alberta/BC Cave Rescue Service
Alberta    /    British    Columbia    Cave    Rescue    Service     (ABCCRS) coordinates   cave   rescue   training   and   response   in   Alberta   and   British Columbia   through   two   parallel   organizations   formally   recognized   as SAR groups in their respective provinces.   BC   Cave   Rescue    (BCCR),   formed   in   1984,   is   the   rescue   and   training service     of     the     British     Columbia     Speleological     Federation,     the registered   society   representing   organized   caving   in   British   Columbia.     ABCCR   in   BC   is administered   by   a   Committee   of   the BC    Speleological Federation. The   Alberta   Cave   Rescue   Organization    (ACRO),   is   a registered    society    formed    in    2001    by    cavers    and members   of   Alberta   SAR   groups.   ABCCR   in   Alberta   is administered   by   a   three   to   five   member   elected   board   of directors. ACRO    and    BCCR    have    become    closely    associated, training   together   since   2001,   and   adopting   a   common logo    in    2011.        Since    2015    an    MOU    between    the societies    was    signed    to    formally    share    a    common membership    list,    logo,    public    name    ( ABCCRS ),    and policies and procedures. Cave rescue is by cavers, for everyone.  Since 1984, the Alberta/BC Cave Rescue Service has been funded almost entirely by the recreational caving community in the form of training registration fees, donations from individual cavers, and contributions from the BCSF Glenn Peppard/Rick Blak Memorial Fund, and the VICEG Rennie/Clark Memorial Fund.  ABCCRS also acknowledges the support of the Wildlands Rescue Society, Petzl (North America), Lance Amos, and the governments of British Columbia and Alberta. Operates under a 1992 Memorandum of Understanding with the Provincial Emergency Program (now EMBC), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the BC Ambulance Service.  Recognized by the Province of BC as the lead organization in cave rescue, providing specialized personnel and equipment for cave rescue emergencies on callout by the RCMP, BCAS or the EMBC Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC).  Access to the resources of the U.S. National Cave Rescue Commission (NCRC).  Training is to EMBC and NCRC standards. Holds a week-long Training Seminar in Cave Rescue Organization and Techniques in July every even year (e.g. 2012-2014-2016), and regional Companion Rescue and Cave Rescue Response weekend workshops annually in BC and Alberta (no formal certifications). Coordinators each have over 10 years of caving experience as well as technical and cave rescue qualifications and experience. Maintains an extensive cave rescue equipment cache on central Vancouver Island, BC and Calgary, AB, with satellite equipment caches at Kamloops, Prince George, and Crowsnest Pass. Capable of responding to cave rescue emergencies anywhere in Western Canada, the Northwestern United States and Alaska.  ·  
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