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!! Volunteer Editors Wanted !! The Canadian Caver is truly a publication for Canadian Cavers, and we encourage anyone interested in helping with the production to step forward. This could mean acting as a regional contact for potential articles, a writer or just a promoter of the publication amongst caving club members or caving friends. We would urge any cavers with the interest and capability to help out by producing an issue. This is a highly satisfying project, and encourages contact with cavers across the country (and elsewhere) to solicit articles and to contribute to the legacy which is this venerable record of Canadian caving. Presently, this is an entirely digital production, from the emailed articles and digital images to the digital files presented to the print house here in Vancouver. Some capability with computers is, of course, essential. Collaborations are possible as well, in which the digital layout is done as a team effort. There is huge benefit in editorship moving around the country in drawing out stories and project reports best known to the local cavers. If interested, do drop a note to one of the magazine contacts!
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