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This site originally created October 1997. Last updated October 2016.
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The History of the Numbers The Canadian Caver started with Julian Coward, who was a graduate student at McMaster University in 1969. Editorship and production stayed at McMaster for some years, filled mostly with tales of the exploits of the McMaster University Caving and Climbing Club (MUCCC) in both the Canadian Rockies in summers (mostly) and Mexico in the winters. During this time, editorship was shared amongst the caving grad students. As the students dispersed to follow various and sundry careers, so did production of the magazine. A good number of the McMaster students headed west to karst in the Rockies, and so did the Canadian Caver. For many years, the magazine was "run" from Calgary, where the mailing address and bank accounts for subscriptions and printing costs were located. Variously, the production flourished and floundered, which has always been a consequence of it's reliance on volunteer production. It was during this time that Dennis Weeks, a Calgary Alberta Speleological Society member, took on the task of properly reviving the magazine. The efforts were a great success, but a combination of burn-out and other priorities led Dennis to surrender. It was in mid-1997 that a cardboard box of articles, a partly completed issue with associated electronic files, and bank accounts were adopted by a production team consisting of Pat Shaw, Martin Davis and Rick Coles and the Canadian Caver moved to the West Coast. A renewed interest in re-vitalizing the production, increasing access to digital production capability, a fresh web presence (on the "CanCaver" domain donated by Theo de Raadt from Calgary) and we've continued to limp along ever since. The Past Editors Listed below are the editors who contributed their time and energy into producing the past issues. As described in the index page, the issue numbering has changed quite a bit over the years. We are always looking for capable Canadian cavers, inside Canada or elsewhere (a few issues were produced by Chris Lloyd from Mexico) willing to produce an issue. Please check the menu item for more info, or email the magazine contacts.
Vol	   Date  				Editor(s)  82     October 2016 		Katherine Rumford, layout by Brad Roulston 81	January 2016		Pat Shaw/Nate deBock 80	February 2015		Chris Lloyd 79	February 2014		Chris Lloyd 78	July 2013			Eli Brager 77	December 2012		Pat Shaw 76	May 2012			Pat Shaw 75	January 2012		Christopher Gordon, with layout by Pat Shaw  (and assistance from Ian McKenzie) 74	July 2011			Margaret Drummond, with layout by Brad Roulston 73	January 2011		Margaret Drummond, with layout by Brad Roulston 72	October 2010		Chris Chénier, with layout by Gaël Hervé 71	January 2010		Chris Chénier, with layout by Gaël Hervé 70	March 2009			Ian McKenzie, with layout by Dan Green 69	November 2008		Ian McKenzie, with layout by Pat Shaw 68	May 2008			Ian McKenzie, with layout by Pat Shaw 67	December 2007		Ian McKenzie, with layout by Dan Green 66	July 2007			Ian McKenzie, with layout by Dan Green 65	November 2006		Martin Davis 64	March 2006			Martin Davis 63	August 2005		Rob Countess/Marg Countess/Pat Shaw 62	November 2004		Pat Shaw 61	May 2004			Chris Lloyd 60	August 2003		Chris Lloyd 59	2002				Chris Lloyd 58	2002				Pat Shaw 57	2001				Dan Green 31-1 (56) 2001			Dan Green 30-2	Fall/Spring 1999/2000	Pat Shaw 30-1	Spring/Summer 1999	Pat Shaw 29-2	1998				Pat Shaw 29-1	Spring 1998			Pat Shaw 28-2	Winter 1997		Pat Shaw 28-1	Spring 1997			Pat Shaw 27-2	1995				Taco van Ieperen 27-1	Spring 1995			Clive Keen 26-1	1994				David Fairfield 25-2	1993				Matthew Zufelt 25-1	Spring 1993			Steve Grundy 24-2	1992				Jean Benoit Nadeau 24-1	Spring 1992			Randy Spahl 23-2	Fall/Winter 1991		Dennis Weeks/Ian McKenzie 23-1	Spring/Summer 1991	Dennis Weeks/Ian McKenzie 22-2	Fall 1990			Julian Coward 22-1	Spring 1990			Tich Morris 21-2	Fall 1989			Steve Grundy/Ron Kozsan 21-1*	Spring 1989			Mervyn Mitchell/Tim Penney 20-2	Fall 1988			K. David Sawatsky 20-1	Spring 1988			Ian McKenzie 19-2	Fall 1987			Ian McKenzie 19-1	Spring 1987			Pat Shaw/Tich Morris 18-2	Fall 1986			Pat Shaw/Tich Morris 18-1	Spring 1986			Ian McKenzie 17-	1985				Chas Yonge 16-2	Fall 1984			Paul Griffiths 16-1	Spring 1984			Ian McKenzie 15-2	Autumn 1983		Pam Burns/Chas Yonge 15-1	Spring 1983			Ian McKenzie 14-1	Sep 1982			Pam Burns/Chas Yonge 13-2	Dec 1981			Ian McKenzie/Marg Saul 13-1	Jun 1981			Pam Burns/Chas Yonge 12-2	Dec 1980			Marg Saul/Mike Boon 12-1	Jun 1980			Pam Burns/Chas Yonge 11-2	Dec 1979			Marg Saul/Alf Latham 11-1	Jun 1979			Marg Saul 10-2	Dec 1978			Marg Saul 10-1	May 1978			Peter Thompson,Paul Griffiths 9-2	Nov 1977			Peter Thompson,Mike Boon 9-1	Jul 1977			Mel Gascoyne, Alf Latham 8-2	Feb 1977			Pete Thompson, Marg Saul 8-1	May 1976			Mike Boon, Mel Gascoyne, Phil Whitfield 7-2	Dec 1975			Mike Shawcross 7-1	Jun 1975			Pete Thompson 6-2	Nov 1974			Mike Boon 6-1	Jun 1974			Mike Shawcross 5-2	Nov 1973			Mike Shawcross 5-1	Jun 1973			Pete Thompson, Mike Shawcross, Julian Coward 4-2	Nov 1972			Pete Thompson, Mike Shawcross Julian Coward, John Fish 4-1	May 1972			Pete Thompson, Mike Shawcross 5	Nov 1971			M. C. Brown 4	May 1971			Julian Coward 3	Nov 1970			Pete Thompson 2	Jun 1970			Julian Coward 1	Dec 1969			Julian Coward 1970s 1980s 1990s 2010s 2000s