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BC Caver, now in its twenty-seventh year of publication, is the newsletter of the British Columbia Speleological Federation (BCSF). There are currently four issues a year. The newsletter carries articles on all BCSF issues - exploration, conservation, safety, rescue, education and technical expertise - with an abundance of trip reports, photographs and surveys.


BC Caver covers caving and related activity within British Columbia, but also includes activities of BC cavers outside the province and - to a lesser extent - information about caving activities in neighbouring provinces and states. Information of general interest to all Canadian cavers, such as equipment reports, changes in law, etc, may also be included.

Editorial Team

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Submission of Articles

Deadlines for submission of material are:

  • December 31
  • March 31
  • June 30
  • September 30

Articles should be provided through email either in the body of the email or as a Word, or txt, attachment. Photographs and illustrations (particularly surveys) are also sought, preferably sent as email attachments as JPG files of reasonably high resolution - typically 2 - 5 megs. Please do not send very large files.

The magazine is not a commercial publication and thus there is no payment for articles or graphics.


Advertisements may be accepted, either for their intrinsic information value (particularly if the advertiser is from British Columbia) or for a suitable contribution towards BCSF costs. Contact any of the editorial team to discuss sizes, costs, etc.


BC Caver is distributed free of charge in an online version only to members of BCSF and to members of caving organizations having exchange agreements with the Federation. For a fee covering costs, it can be obtained in a paper or full-colour CD version. For more information contact Lorna Duncan.


Permission to republish may be granted upon request provided publication and author credit is given and a copy of the publication is forwarded to the Editor.

Current & Previous Editions

BCSF members and associates can access online editions through this passworded link.

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