White Cave

In Albert County west of the village of Hillsborough you will find the White Caves. These two caves are part of one system, which contain a number of other sinks and collapsed sections of an underground stream. These are gypsum caves located just south of a large exposure white gypsum from an old mining operation giving them their name. The first of the two major sections of the cave is an entrance in the side of a large sink going through a small passage into a very large room. The 105 meter passage ending in a breakdown room with a limestone floor on the far side that is doted with black Alberite and has been called Bat Cave in the past. The other section of the cave was finally push to within a few meter of the first cave in 1995 by Mark Daoust and Sylvain Dansereau. The first 120 meters of the cave is easily explored while the rest is currently plugged with mud and sand. The entrance is found in the side of a sink and has a stream running down the center into a crack in the far wall. This section has been reported as Gypsum Cave in the past. The White Caves are a system and the name is well know in the area and the name White Caves are even used by the NB Department of Tourism as an adventure vacation destination. The caves show some wear from the tour visits, mostly candles but are fairly clean. The Caledocadie Caving Club has produced an excellent maps including surface feature of the area.

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