Lost Brook Cave  

The Lost Brook area is found west of Hillsborough near Albert Mines. The Lost Brook area is on the edge of a synclinal basin located on the south side of Wilson Brook. The rock in the area is limestone that is laminated. This lamination is clearly visible in the exposed rocks on the valley cliffs and caves of the area. Lost Brook Cave itself is difficult to find but is well worth the effort. It has several interesting passageways and a small waterfall inside the cave.

The area is accessed from a dirt road just south of the abandoned Albert Mine quarry. The dirt road is locally known as the "Underground Lake Road." The road is in excellent shape but the ruts indicate that it is subject to change according to the weather. The road goes over a small hillup a hill and within two kilometers crosses Wilson Brook. The road is followed in a straight line until it makes a right turn. The lost brook area is to the southeast of this turn. about one kilometer off the road. A painted line is followed to a brook that leads up a stream until the stream splits, this is the Lost Brook vally. Both stream valleys lead to many cave features. There are a number of caves in the area and several disappearing streams. There are also two large resurgence springs in the area. These features indicate that the area offers many possible locations for new caves.

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