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Useful and Informative Links - World-wide

  • The National Speleological Society, U.S.
  • Cave and Karst Terminology
  • Karst Almighty - A gorgeous photo essay of karst around the world
  • Limestone Pavement Conservation
  • Projecto Purificacion - Group in Austin, Texas with a focus on exploration in Sistema Purificacion (Mexico).

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    Useful Links - Pacific Northwest - United States

    United States
    The National Speleological Society
    Pacific Northwest - United States


    Some of our "limestone challenged" friends to the South!

  • Cascade Grotto, Seattle, Washington.
  • Oregon
  • Oregon Grotto, Vancouver, Washington

  • Willamette Valley Grotto, Portland
  • Idaho
  • Gem State Grotto, Boise, Idaho.

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    Useful Links - Gear and Speleo-Baubles

  • Gear List, What gear do you need to buy and how much will it cost ?
    For a fairly complete list and cost breakdown, check this out.

  • Petzl Equipment , French, Equipment manufacturers.
  • Bob and Bob SpeleoSupply, Virginia, USA
  • Karst Sports, U.S. Caving gear, etc.
  • Gonzo Guano Gear, Texas supplier of the best in caving packs and harnesses...and other stuff as well.
  • Lyon Equipment Ltd, British, Caving and rescue equipment, including their own ladders
  • Speleobooks, U.S., Bat & Cave Books, Prints, Ephemera, Jewelry and Gifts ..
  • Inner Mountain Outfitters, specializing in general caving supplies, vertical caving and climbing hardware, and rescue equipment.
  • Caving Supplies, Buxton, Derbyshire U.K.
  • Inglesport, Ingleton, North Yorkshire, U.K.
  • Bernies Café, Ingleton, North Yorkshire, U.K. (no longer a store – the website still exists to clear stock.)
  • Island Karst Research, Tahsis, B.C.

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    Useful Links - Survey Manipulation Software

  • Auriga cave survey software for Palm OS, from Quebec
  • ABRIS cave survey software for Android tablets and phones
  • OnStation cave survey software for Windows OS, from Alberta
  • CAPs U.S., Shareware
  • Winkarst U.S., Shareware
  • Compass U.S., Shareware
  • Walls U.S., Freeware
  • Survex British, runs on almost all platforms, Freeware
  • Therion Slovak, for most platforms, Freeware
  • Toporobot Swiss, for Mac OS. Freeware
  • Electronic Cave Surveying Martin Melzer's Pages

  • RosettaStal A survey data translation program written by Taco Van Ieperen (Alberta) with additions by Gary Petrie (Washington State)

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    Useful Links - Conferences and Symposia

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