Caving Canada

Deviated Eats - Corned Beef and Potatoes

       Rick, I am disappointed! No deviated eats yet!
Let me start it off, but first let me say that I don't think this is
deviated, but my kids do. I think it's just what you need when returning to
the surface after a day of caving in the Rockies and find out it is 20
degrees colder than in the cave.

Speed, heat, bulk and salt are everything!

Corned Beef and Potatoes
Bring 2 cups of water to a boil, preferably over one of those really noisy
but incredibly fierce stoves that scorch anything but water.

Add a 12 ounce can of corned beef. My supply of pre-Argentine war corned
beef is running low, but at least it is BSE-free. Make sure you don't waste
any of the fat or jelly.

Break up the meat in the boiling water. Remove the pan from the stove, add
pepper and salt in sufficient quantity to ensure jaded, mud-covered
taste-buds will be activated. Then slowly add dehydrated potato granules,
stirring steadily until the desired consistency is achieved.

Divide with a friend and eat.

Failure to share with a friend (or enemy, come to think about it), will
result in a severely disturbed night.

Good luck!

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