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I have been centralizing as much Canadian Caving, Karst and Bat information as possible. If there is not a web site for a particular topic,I've tried to provide an e-mail address for information.

This site started in April 1996 to promote cave conservation in Canada and has gone from a single page site to one over 100 pages. It's a collection of articles and stories written by cavers for cavers and the general public. If you cave in Canada and have something you want to contribute, please pass it along.

caveman1.jpg - 4923 Bytes I felt this little guy is worth mentioning. This was the logo for the British Columbia Cave Hunters, started by Clarence Hronek in about 1962. In 1967 the name was changed to Canadian Speleological Society (CSS). The CSS was never to happen since at the time communication was expensive and there just weren't that many other people caving in Canada. With the advent of the internet, perhaps Clarences' vision will come a little closer, in a virtual sense.
Caving (Canada and the U.S.), Pot-holing (UK), it's really just an excuse for grown adults and children alike to get really really dirty, wet and muddy at times. It can be more than a hobby, one needs to learn some geology, hydrology, a little biology, some orienteering, perhaps surveying, throw in some mountaineering and ropework, and you have a Caver.

This site is for information only and not a substitue for training. Caving is a very enjoyable and safe sport if done properly. Seek out a local caving group in your area if you are interested in pursuing this sport.

I can not take responsibility for all of the web material found here (external links, etc.). Let me know if you would like your site added, or let me know if I have missed anybody !

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