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I have tried to put together as many sites as possible on the studies of bats or bat related sites in Canada, if you know of anything that would be pertinent to this site, please pass it along. Thanks, Rick

Bat Study Related Equipment

(not neccessarily Canadian, but neat stuff!)

  • Swedish Bat Detectors, Pettersson Elektronik AB is a company specialized in electronic equipment for detection and analysis of bioacoustic ultrasonic signals.

  • Anabat 5.0 software now available from New Mexico Bat Survey and Acoustic Library.

  • Avinet, Inc., Develops, manufacturing and distributes specialized equipment for professional field biologists.

  • Here is a hobbiest who designs bat detectors and believes that the price for these units is too high. He helps people construct their own detectors for far less money. Contact Bill Gerosa at  

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